World’s Most Amazing Dog season finale review

World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR
World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR /

The World’s Most Amazing Dog season finale is here.

The World’s Most Amazing Dog season finale is here, dropping on Facebook Watch last night (Thursday, March 28).

As always, judges George Lopez (George Lopez, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marmaduke) and Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules) were there, but they had the night off from making any decisions. Host Preacher Lawson still had his usual job to do, though.

From the first semifinal were Los Angeles Golden Retriever Lucy and Omar Van Muller and fan vote winner California Pembroke Corgi Ein and Air Force Captain Alex Tibbs. From the second semifinal were Rev the Border Collie and Maddisen Phelan from Ontario, Canada, and fan vote winner Toshiro the Chihuahua and Hermes Flores Manriquez from Sonora, Mexico.

Lisa used her save to insert Just Jesse the 14-year-old jack Russell and Heather Brooks from Phoenix, Arizone into the finale as well.

The competitors are vying for $100,000, a super deluxe luxury custom-designed doghouse, and a massive shiny trophy. And bragging rights, of course – over a thousand audition videos were sent in from 36 countries.

Once again competitors performed in the studio, and had a minute to finish their trick from start to finish.

Rev and Maddisen performed a very difficult dance routine in the finals, which included some agility moves. Also, he learned the entire routine in two days.

Maddisen credits Rev with helping overcome a lot of her shyness.

Lucy and Omar did another obstacle course with almost entirely new tricks this time, including opening doors and windows, doing CPR and fetching water from the fridge. They picked up some skills from their competition.

Lucy began learning tricks in earnest after her brother Jumpy (who painted and played basketball) died last year, and training her helped Omar get over his grief.

Not using the dog shoes (apparently called ‘booties’?) that threw them off in the semifinals, Jesse and Heather did a vaudeville-inspired dance routine that also included Double Dutch jump rope, a grocery shopping trip and being blindfolded.

Ein and Alex were up next. They blasted through a variety of tricks, including solving a shell game of “Hide the Ball,” several silent tricks, and patiently waiting to grab a favorite toy.

They have military support from all over the globe. Ein isn’t up to Jeff Franklin-quality of military intelligence, but he’s up there.

The final pair to go were Toshiro and Hermes. They went through their daily routine, which included picking out chairs to sit in, fetching a favorite toy, and then, in a special touch, giving Lisa a kiss at the end. Toshiro was a little freaked out by the cameras and lighting.

Toshiro has developed a large fan base from all over the world in his time on the show.

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The winner of the World’s Most Amazing Dog season finale will be revealed next week in the World’s Most Amazing Dog Results Special, but if we could vote for multiple dogs, Rev and Ein would get our votes. Just Jesse and Tosshiro Flores are fan favorites, and Lucy is pretty incredible, too. This will be a tough decision.

Fan voting will run until 8 p.m. ET on Saturday on the Facebook mobile app.