Affectionate dogs: The pooches with all the love

7th December 1931: Devon fisherman Ben Smith playing affectionately with his dog on the beach at Sidmouth. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)
7th December 1931: Devon fisherman Ben Smith playing affectionately with his dog on the beach at Sidmouth. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images) /

We are always on a search for our new best friend. Some of us know right off the bat that we want three things: a dog that snuggles, gives kisses all day, and wants to be near you. So essentially, an affectionate dog.

Affectionate dogs are the best dogs. Why? Sometimes we just need someone in our life we don’t have to question. Man’s best friend is loyal, supportive, and lovable. All the best qualities for a healthy relationship. Here are some adorable dogs with fun-loving personalities.

Bichon Frise:

This dog’s name translates to “curly lap-dog” in French. Their white teddy bear faces must have something to do with it. Always happy and playful these dogs are delightful family dogs. Highly trainable, they  can also make the loyal watchdog. If you’re looking for loyalty and sweetness, the Bichon Frise is ideal.

Cavalier King Charles

Can you say, attached to the hip? These dogs will always be at your heels. Doughy eyed with shiny long coats this dog defines attachment. A King Charles is best with a one-dog family. Desiring of all the attention, they will need affection all day to be contented. For those of you looking for love, this Spaniel will return your affection with unconditional loyalty. Kind to a fault, this dog will make a great friend.

Brussels Griffon

These little guys are affection pint-size. Expressive faces, like “Star Wars” Wookies, that melt your heart away. Here is another small breed that will give you all the attention you deserve. Originally bred to hunt rats out of stables, these dogs have transformed since then, into stars of such films like “As Good as it Gets” with Jack Nicholson. All jokes aside, these dogs are perfect for the affectionate owner. Delicate and soulful, these dogs can become your soul mates.

The Great Dane

These massive sweeties will make you think twice before entering. Once you do you’ll find them to be friendly, and immensely affectionate. These dogs make loyal guard dogs, who will love to play. Lean and muscular, they need ample room. A big yard and loving family make a perfect home environment for a socialist like the Great Dane.

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Not many would immediately think Boxer when thinking affectionate. These dogs will look out for you, their watchful eye makes you feel safe. Playful and a lover of the outdoors, these dogs are great for the active, large breed lovers of the world. Socialization is key with the Boxer. Once they’re older, they’ll play friendly host to everyone. The Boxer is the dog you get if you’re looking for love that gives back, quite literally, because the Boxer’s got your back.

An affectionate dog will need a patient trainer. They will not respond easily to harsh punishment or neglect. So keep this in mind when you choose a breed that may need more attention than others.

A loving dog can always heal loneliness, complete a family, or console a loved one. They are the breeds to go for if you have a tender heart.