Why we need a Garfield meal kit ahead of the new film

Ahead of The Garfield Movie, it's time we get a meal kit for our favorite kitty.
Garfield movie 2024
Garfield movie 2024 /

When it comes to fictional cats, no one holds a candle to Garfield. Since his introduction in 1976, Garfield has been known for a few things.

Aside from his bright orange fur and sassy attitude, Garfield is always either eating or looking for his next plate of lasagna. With the upcoming release of The Garfield Movie, it put one lingering question in my mind and that's where is our Garfield meal kit?

Considering that we recently got a Bluey-themed meal kit, it brings to light other fictional characters we'd love to see get one. Of course, Scooby-Doo was the first one I thought of as he's known for being a huge eater.

Then with the upcoming Garfield movie, Garfield was the next one on my list. Between Garfield and Scooby though, it does feel like Garfield has the better chance of getting his own meal kit pretty soon.

Could a Garfield meal kit be on the horizon?

Since The Garfield Movie is hitting theaters on May 24th, there isn't much time for brands to come up with a meal kit quickly. Thankfully, that's not the biggest concern as brands are surely waiting to see how big the movie is. If it's as popular as I'm thinking, our chances at a Garfield meal kit are going to be sky-high but what would be included?

Let's just begin with the obvious thing and that's lasagna. A Garfield meal kit would not be complete without lasagna or even, having it as an option. You honestly can't think of Garfield without thinking about lasagna so that's a no-brainer. You could also pair that with garlic bread and a salad, making it a super simple meal to make and eat.

Garfield just seems like a cat who loves anything carby so the other option could be pizza, as pizza is even featured in the trailer. Maybe Garfield is secretly Italian...who knows? Either way, those two are such fun ones and would be great for making if you're dining solo or have to feed yourself and your family. Plus they're relatively easy dishes to make so you can't go wrong in trying them.

Honestly, Garfield has been around for so long that I'm sure there are plenty of comic strips and clips from his shows and movies featuring him eating. Ultimately though, the main attraction for any Garfield meal kit has to be lasagna. Other than that, the sky is the limit and brands could even offer meals inspired by Odie, Jon, or even, a recipe from Jon's mom.

Whether you're excited about the new movie or not, a meal kit would be an amazing way for us to not only feel like Garfield but eat like him, too. Even if there is never a Garfield meal kit, there are plenty of food collabs to get your fix including one with TastyKake, Olive Garden and even, Pop Chips.

Would you try out a Garfield meal kit? Let us know what foods you would include!

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