President Biden shared a sweet picture of Willow with the Christmas tree

President Biden Departs The White House For Milwaukee
President Biden Departs The White House For Milwaukee / Drew Angerer/GettyImages

We all know that once the holiday season rolls around, the White House kicks into festive mode and goes all out with decorations. And it has clearly been a special holiday season at the White House for Willow Biden, the first family's cat. In fact, on December 20, the First Lady shared a video on Instagram where we got to see Willow giving a festive tour to the crew at The Dodo.

Not only was it an adorable reminder of the holiday season, but it was a chance to see Willow Biden in her element as she acts as guide to the White House for The Dodo. At the start of the clip, we even get to see the kitty playing with a gift box as a caption in the video reads, "I think she likes her presents."

From playing with her present to showing affection to both her mom and the Dodo reporter, this was an all around fun experience, at least based on what we can see.

And now, we have gotten another adorable glimpse at Willow in her element, but this time it came courtesy of the president himself.

Willow Biden gets the spotlight on President Biden's Instagram

On Instagram, President Biden posted a sweet picture of Willow Biden sniffing at an ornament hanging from a lit Christmas tree. It is a super cute look at the kitty who has made her home at the White House as part of the first family. And for the caption that went with the picture, the POTUS account wrote, "Willow Biden, the Official White House Ornament Inspector."

Not only do we love the picture itself, but we also love the caption as well. It is a sweet little glimpse at our First Cat enjoying the holiday season.

Check out the picture here:

What do you think of the holiday season that Willow Biden has had at the White House? Do you love the picture posted by the president as much as we do? Do you want to see more of Willow on social media?

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