Keep your home clean with strategic grooming

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Spring cleaning is real! After a winter stuck indoors, a lot of people head into spring with the idea of cleaning the house and getting it ready for summer fun. And as pet parents, spring cleaning is also a time when we are getting rid of that excess fur on the ground and also dealing with mud and mess from the wet season.

As pet owners we know that keeping your house clean can be a challenge when you have furry companions. We love our dogs and cats, but they can make a mess. And this is especially true for our dogs depending on their coat. Some dogs have coats that really shed as we head into the summer months. Honestly, most dogs shed, no matter what time of the year it is.

So it just makes sense that one of the greatest cleaning tools in your arsenal might just be grooming. According to the founder of Imagine Maids, Melissa Caverly, a great tip for keeping the house clean and free of the excess fur is to “implement strategic grooming.” But what does this mean?

What is strategic grooming and how can it help with keeping your home clean as pet parents?

Strategic grooming, according to Caverly, seems to be as simple as “a consistent grooming schedule to keep shedding under control.” And this makes perfect sense as having your dog on a regular grooming schedule can in fact reduce the amount of pet hair that you find in your home. It’s also good for your pup, as solid grooming is good for their health as well.

Regular and consistent brushing of your dog will help eliminate some of that fallout from their coat. Plus, regular baths do the same thing, while also eliminating the dirt and dander that they pick up outside. Another thing that pet parents should consider is, as you prepare for your spring cleaning consider scheduling a grooming appointment for your pet. Having a professional give your dog a bath and a brushing can really help in terms of eliminating some of the excess fur and dirt.

Melissa Caverly also recommend keeping a lint roller in every room of your home. Obviously, if you’re a pet parent, you probably have at least one already. But she recommends keeping one in every room so that you can pick up any of those stray hairs that you see on the furniture and of course on your clothing. It makes perfect sense to us, because it will certainly help you to keep the mess down as you are tackling the problem as you see it.

Dog grooming is important for your dog’s overall health and well-being. So it makes sense that we should be consistent with it. It’s also something that will really help in keeping your home clean. And that’s an added win.

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