Planning to spring clean? Don't miss these pet-friendly tips.

If you're spring cleaning, don't forget to check out these pet-friendly tips.

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With the month of March slowly but surely wrapping up, some might be looking to embark on spring cleaning. It's only natural as spring has truly sprung in most of the United States.

For pet parents, there is always another layer when it comes to cleaning. Whether you're having to clean up pet hair, worry about your pets moving around, or just need some safe cleaning products, it can be a hassle.

Thankfully, we were given some tips from Minnie B. Miller who is an aquarist and the creator of the Fish in Aquarium website. Honestly, a lot of her tips can be used for any pet, not just fish but there is one fish-related tip to keep in mind.

Whether you're cleaning up after the holiday, have a free weekend, or just want to have a clean house, then these pet-friendly cleaning tips are great to keep in mind.

See these pet-friendly tips for spring cleaning!

The first tip Minnie shared is one that I think people can forget about and that is to make sure you're using pet-safe cleaning products. Considering all the different options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming yet sometimes, basic is best. While you can use something store-bought, using natural ingredients is a good alternative as you can use items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Of course, you should always make sure to store your cleaning products out of reach of your pets, too.

This next tip is for those who own fish and that's to make sure you're keeping your fish in mind while cleaning. Most notably, she shared that it's important to keep your tank as clean as possible by making sure fumes, dust, and dirt don't get in your tank. In addition, it's a good idea to cover your aquarium while cleaning so as not to stress out or disturb your fish.

These next two tips go hand-in-hand as the first is to make sure you're opening windows and getting some fresh air inside while cleaning. Having those fumes isn't good for you and your pets. Coupled with that, it's also best to clean up pet accidents as soon as possible. Not only does it make cleaning easier, but it also helps to avoid stains and bacteria lingering in the area. Plus your pet might go back to that same spot again, making it a moot point.

Last but not least, Minnie shared that it's a great idea to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter as it will help remove pet dander and dust. If you're already cleaning due to pet dander, then also make sure to clean your pet's belongings including all bedding and toys. Given that it's spring cleaning, there is no better time than now to get started. Thank you so much to Minnie for sharing these tips with us and honestly, for getting me motivated to clean up my house.

Will you be using these pet-friendly tips when you start spring cleaning? Let us know!

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