Felix Cat Insurance has the ultimate gift for you or your favorite Cat Dad

The Cat Dad Hoodie Image. Image credit to Felix Cat Insurance.
The Cat Dad Hoodie Image. Image credit to Felix Cat Insurance. /

Father's Day is coming up and one thing I've come to find out is that there are plenty of Cat Dads out there.

Whether you're a Cat Dad yourself or have a favorite Cat Dad, Felix Cat Insurance knows just how important that is. Being a Cat Dad is no easy task, but what happens if you're wanting to look great while also wanting to bring your cat along with you?

Thankfully, Felix Cat Insurance came up with the perfect solution and that's the new Cat Dad Hoodie which was released just ahead of Father's Day. Whether you're shopping for your Dad or know a Cat Dad who would love this, this hoodie is just so much fun.

For those looking to order one, you can grab it from Felix Cat Insurance's website for $50.00 and each hoodie has some unique features to make the life of a Cat Dad a little easier.

Felix Cat Insurance introduces a new Cat Dad hoodie.

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The Cat Dad Hoodie Image. Image credit to Felix Cat Insurance. /

Aside from having a nice design, this new Cat Dad hoodie is incredibly soft and most importantly, features a carrying pouch for your cat. This pouch has been vet-approved and is not made to hold more than 10 pounds. I will say that the brand was smart in getting Abram Eagle and his cat, Kurt to model it as my cat simply would never get into a hoodie for me.

The other cool thing about buying one of these Cat Dad hoodies is that all proceeds go to the Nashville Humane Association. This is an organization that is close to Abram and Kurt so it feels even sweeter. These hoodies will be dropping weekly and you can grab one until June 30th. Honestly you have plenty of time even if you miss out on Father's Day.

Also, let me just say that Felix Cat Insurance also talked about "CDE" which is Cat Dad Energy and I just want them to put that on a hoodie. That is so fun and is hopefully something we'll see in the future. Please, Felix Cat Insurance, I know tons of Cat Dads who would love to rock something like that.

Until then though, I had to share this special Cat Dad hoodie for those who want one, have a special Cat Dad in their life or just want to be able to bring their kitty along with them. Of course, you can also head to Felix Cat Insurance's website to find all the info you need about buying cat insurance, too.

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