5 breeds of dog that are actually known for their drool

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There are a lot of dog breeds in the world and there are a lot of unique attributes to each of those dogs. Some dogs are known for their herding abilities, while others are known for their abilities as guard dogs. And then there are the dogs that are known for their drool.

Honestly, we all know that slobber is just a thing we have to live with when we have dogs. But there are some breeds of dog that really seem to have drooling as one of their personality traits. And not that we are complaining, but for some people excessive slobber might not be something you want to see all the time.

While we think these pups are super cute, we also know that their drooling is an every day thing and something to consider when planning to adopt a new dog. So which breeds are prone to drooling more than others?

Here are five dog breeds that are known for their drooling ways

Hooch from "Forever and a Dog" in new Disney+ Series Turner & Hooch. (Disney/Farah Nosh) /

The Saint Bernard: If you grew up in the time of Beethoven like we did, then you already know that the Saint Bernard is known for his drool! It was literally a plot point in the movie. That being said, these pups are also well known for their bravery, so we have no problem overlooking their excessive slobber.

The Basset Hound: If there is one dog that is prone to being a bit messy it would have to be the Basset Hound. In fact, as The Scotsman points out, beyond their habit of drooling a lot, they are also known for shedding " a great deal of hair and skin." These pups are a bit floppy, a bit cute, and a whole lot of mess. And we love them for that!

The Dogue de Bordeaux: If you watched the original Turner & Hooch with Tom Hanks then you already know that a Dogue de Bordeaux is a bit of drool monster. These pups basically drool all the time and that was actually a big part of the original movie's storyline, as well as the reboots. Even if you didn't know the breed of Hooch, you knew he was a bit of a mess when it came to that slobber.

The Newfoundland: We think these gorgeous pups are super cute, but these fluffy friends are also known for their slobber. They may be sweet and calm dogs, but they are also a bit of a mess and that is always something to consider when thinking about bringing one of these larger dogs home with you.

The Great Dane: Don't get me wrong, we love Scooby-Doo, but did you know the breed that they took inspiration from when it came to this character is actually known for their steady stream of drool? That's right, this is a breed that is known for slobbering a lot. And while they are great family pets, they are also good for making a mess.

We love all of these dogs, but when considering which breed to bring home with you, it is important to know how you will handle things like excessive drool and shedding. People who hate a lot of mess might want to consider a different breed of dog if drool will cause you stress.

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