Turner & Hooch is here and it is a brilliant continuation of the Tom Hanks classic

Josh Peck in Turner and Hooch. Photo courtesy of Disney Plus. © Disney, All Rights Reserved
Josh Peck in Turner and Hooch. Photo courtesy of Disney Plus. © Disney, All Rights Reserved /

The season premiere of Turner & Hooch is upon us. And as the series kicks off on Disney+ with a new Turner & Hooch duo, we can see the brilliance of what’s to come.

Not only does the premiere episode pay tribute to the past in its own way, it doesn’t get dragged down by the fact that this is based on a classic movie with an iconic actor. Instead, while they do touch on the original Turner & Hooch (Scott Turner and Hooch that is), the show stands on its own with ease.

This is a show about a son trying to step out of his father’s shadow and make his own success. Scott Turner Jr. is dedicated to his job, much like his dad was, and wants to make it to the top no matter what that may mean. But at the same time, he is a true stickler for the rules, and hates deviation from the plan, whatever the plan may be.

Too bad, Hooch is a dog and has no clue what a plan is. Hooch is not the Hooch we remember, but he could easily be his child! Adopted by the senior Scott before his death, he is now being gifted to his son because he wants him to have the same life changing experience that he did when he met the first Hooch. It’s a beautiful moment, even with the slobber, that doesn’t overwhelm the premiere in any way.

Turner & Hooch premieres with a new Hooch and a son looking to make his own mark

Overall, the first episode sets us up nicely for a series that is both serious in some ways and not too serious in others. The dog is a perfect foil for the serious/uptight Scott Turner, and the fact that we get just as much action as we do humor and even romantic elements (there is a flirtation) means that this is truly a family friendly series.

Turner & Hooch is a great family show that will get us all watching Disney+ for the rest of the summer. And we can’t wait to see what comes next.

After just one episode, we are hooked. We can’t wait for more of Hooch and his antics and to see how Scott grows from being rigid and set in his ways, to someone who can appreciate a little chaos in life.

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