Bobby Flay shares passing of Nacho Flay

Made by Nacho cat good. Image courtesy Made by Nacho
Made by Nacho cat good. Image courtesy Made by Nacho /

All foodies are familiar with the name Bobby Flay, yet pet parents are more familiar with Nacho Flay.

The beloved kitty companion of Bobby Flay has passed away peacefully. Flay broke the news via an Instagram post that featured a photo of Flay with Nacho.

Given the fact that we’ve covered Nacho and his cat food brand in the past, it was only right to report this news. As Nacho’s dad shared in his post, he doesn’t usually share family business but he said: “I truly believe he was everyone’s cat in some way.”

Honestly, that’s such a touching and nice tribute to Nacho’s life and the legacy he left behind.

Nacho Flay has sadly passed away but his legacy lives on.

While Nacho Flay is now resting peacefully, the orange feline did make his mark no matter where he was featured. Whether it was with the “Made by Nacho” cat food brand or on Bobby’s Instagram, it’s clear Nacho was a beloved member of the chef’s family.

In addition, Nacho just seemed like such a sweet and loving kitty. He looked fluffy and sweet. Considering that Nacho was 9 years old at his passing, he did have a somewhat long life and it’s clear he was cared for and loved by Flay and his family.

Aside from the legacy left behind with Made by Nacho, it’s nothing to how much Nacho touched the lives of his family. While it’s a sad day, there’s comfort in knowing Nacho Flay is now at peace and can rest easy. Thankfully, we can all look back at Nacho’s Instagram account and see some fun highlights from his long life.

Whether you’re a fan of Flay or not, it’s always a reminder to hug and hold your pets while you can. You never know when your pets are going to leave you so you want them to know they’re love. With that being said, rest in peace to Nacho Flay.

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