Made By Nacho keeps your cat’s food interesting with a wide selection of products

Made by Nacho cat good. Image courtesy Made by Nacho
Made by Nacho cat good. Image courtesy Made by Nacho /

It’s not just humans who get tired of their everyday meals. Cats can get tired of boring cat food too. And that’s where Made By Nacho shakes things up.

The brand, which really started in Bobby Flay‘s kitchen with the help of his feline Nacho Flay, is all about cat approved products that even vets can get behind. And just like how humans shake up their everyday eating habits, sometimes your cat wants to change things up too. (But without us helping them, they can’t exactly whip up a special dish with different ingredients from their normal meals.)

With Made By Nacho, our cats get a wide range of products to choose from including wet food, cat treats, dry food, catnip, and even meal toppers. And by combining some of these products, you are giving your cat an unlimited number of gourmet worthy meal options.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your cat, check out some of the Made By Nacho combinations that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Shake things up for your cat with Made By Nacho products

Here are some combinations that you can put together for your cat with the help of Made by Nacho’s line of inspiring offerings.

"The Protein-Rich Plate – soft Chicken Cuts in Gravy the keep them fueled + Cage-free Turkey Broth Topper for hydration (plus up by adding an egg!)The Furry Fishmonger – crunchy Bone Broth Infused Salmon & Pumpkin Kibble for digestion + Diced Tuna & Cod Topper mixed in for shiny coats + Freeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats for a crunch!The Grain-Free Gobbler – Minced Turkey + Turkey Liver with fiber and antioxidants + mixed with Grain-Free Turkey Paté for palatable texture + a sprinkle of Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats for garnish"

Do you ever combine products to create unique dishes for your cat? What are some of the items you put together to shake things up for your cat? Have you tried any of the Made By Nacho products yet? Let us know over on Twitter and share some of your meal ideas for the picky kitty in your life.

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