Blue Tastefuls makes it easy to add more moisture to your cat’s diet

Keep Felines Hydrated this Summer with BLUE Tastefuls. Image courtesy of BLUE
Keep Felines Hydrated this Summer with BLUE Tastefuls. Image courtesy of BLUE /

Are you looking to add more moisture to your cat’s summer diet? Are you a fan of Blue Buffalo? Then your cat needs Blue Tastefuls in their routine.

Although most canned cat food already contains around 75 percent water, adding moisture to your cat’s diet is about more than that. It is also about your feline getting other nutrients that they need.

With Blue Tastefuls, our cats get a product that is enhanced with minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to our cat’s diet. Not only that, but thanks to the wide range of flavors available, even picky kitties can find something they will enjoy.

We have a picky kitty who has to be careful with their diet and yet Blue Tastefuls has been a great addition to their routine. Not only are there different styles of canned cat food to choose from such as tender morsels, a pate, or even flaked, but the flavors add that little something extra that we love.

Blue Tastefuls makes adding variety to our cats diet easy, while also boosting hydration

According to the press email we received about why Blue Tastefuls is good for adding more moisture to our cat’s diet,

"although water makes up 60% to 70% of an adult cat’s body weight, they rarely drink enough water to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day."

This is something we should all be aware of, as it can have a severe impact on their health. Luckily for our cats, that’s a big reason why wet cat food is so important. And of course, we also want to choose a brand that supports their health in multiple ways. With the Blue Tastefuls, we have found flavors that our staff kitty loves, that also seems to satisfy their hunger.

Knowing that they are getting more hydration in their diet is the added bonus we need to make sure that Blue Tastefuls is a staple of our household.

And while we are big fans of the Blue Tastefuls line of cat food, we still recommend talking to your veterinarian before switching your pet’s food.

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