Dog saved from animal testing tried his first Pup Cup and his reaction is simply priceless

We’ve all been there: we take our dog through the Starbucks drive-thru and get them their very own drink, a Pup Cup! Some dogs aren’t always in the most fortunate of situations and get to have a Pup Cup whenever their owner goes to Starbucks.

That’s exactly the situation for a dog who was formerly involved in animal testing, but who has since been saved. He recently tried his very first Pup Cup and his owner documented it on social media; our hearts are puddles.

Watch this dog saved from animal testing try his very first Pup Cup!!

Meet Ted. He is a Beagle who has unfortunately spent the first five years of his life living in an animal testing facility. Prior to just a few weeks ago, this super skittish pup was very hesitant to accept any sort of treats from anyone outside of their home. Recently Ted went through the Starbucks drive-thru with his owner, Sam McGraw, and he experienced none other than his very first Pup Cup! And boy did he enjoy the hell out of it! Normally an extreme source of anxiety for Ted, accepting this deliciously fluffy cup of whipped cream came to much of a surprise to McGraw.

Here’s just a little bit more about how Ted was adopted by McGraw:

“I got Ted when I was 20. I adopted him from a college that rescued a group of animal-tested beagles to then use them for educational research in a veterinary technical program.”


Before his owner Sam had rescued him, Ted has spent literally his entire life in a testing facility experience countless amounts of abuse in ways that McGraw can’t even begin to understand. Upon adopting him, she noticed that Ted had some behavioral issues but sort of attributed that to him being “an older adoptee”, since he had some other issues with potty training and anxiety. McGraw never really thought to Google and look into the animal testing part of it all, which she knew that he had been through throughout his whole entire life. Ted’s owner has since learned more about the animal and dog testing world of it all and now works as a “full-time animal advocate and influencer”.

“The college that saved Ted was abruptly closed down and so he and a handful of other testing beagles were sold for $40.”


I AM A PROUD DOG MOMMA! TED ACCEPTED A SWEET TREAT FROM OUR BARISTA OUTSIDE OF OUR HOUSE. HE TRIED HIS FIRST PUP CUP!! We have tried to give him Pup Cups a ton of times and he always says NO THANKS!!! The fact that he’s getting better with trusting humans everyday makes me so happy!!! #endanimaltesting #pupcup #rescuedog #dogmom

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Ted’s age isn’t 100% confirmed, but he’s estimated to be somewhere between the ages of 11 and 13 years old. Once Ted was taken to his local Vet’s office, his vet took a look at all of his markings and basically determined that Ted was being used and tested for cosmetics and chemicals testings, contrary to the typical use in the medical world for most other tested beagles.

Despite everything that he’s been through, Ted’s owner says that he’s nothing short of “special and forgiving” also stating and reiterating the face that animals can still be forgiving even after the most awful, disgusting, and worst circumstances that they go through…ever.

You can catch the video with over 35K views over on TikTok on Sam’s account: @SammMcGraww!

That’s a wrap on this super sad start to Ted’s life with the most happiest of endings ever! What are your thoughts on the animal testing world and will this story change your mind and make you more mindful of the cosmetics and chemicals that you are purchasing? Let’s chat about all of this and oh so much more down in the comments sections down below! And as always…….Woof, Woof!!!!