Are Puppuccinos only sold at Starbucks?

Summer is upon us and with it comes more road trips with our pups. And when we hit up the Starbucks for our own coffee, what about snagging a treat for our dog? That is where the iconic Puppuccino comes into the picture.

If you aren’t familiar with the Puppuccino, it is technically on the Starbucks secret menu and it is basically just a mini cup of whipped cream for our dogs to enjoy. It’s the same whipped cream that they use on their regular drinks (for the humans), so while it is a tasty treat for our pups to enjoy, it is definitely not one that we should be giving to our furry friends every day. (Plus, while we say “sold,” it is actually a free cup with your own purchase.)

So knowing what the Puppuccino is and even how often we can maybe treat our pups with this cup of cream, the big question we have is whether or not Starbucks is the only place that our pups can get this treat.

Is Starbucks the only place our dogs can get a Puppuccino?

Based on everything we have found, while there are other places that offer treats and even secret menu items for our dogs (and in some cases our cats too), the Puppuccino seems to be exclusively a Starbucks thing. Then again, it could just be the name itself is synonymous with the coffee chain.

Basically, if you are looking for a Puppuccino, there is only one place to go and that is Starbucks. But if you are looking for a treat for your pup at one of your usual stops, that could be a possibility (it just won’t be called a Puppuccino and it likely won’t be whipped cream either).

Did you know that the Puppuccino was exclusively a Starbucks thing? Do you ever get one of these little paper cups of whipped cream for your pup? Do they love them as much as we love the fact that they exist?