Starbucks: Do you know what exactly their Puppuccino is?

What is the Puppuccino from Starbucks?

Have you heard about the special Puppuccino that Starbucks offers off of their Secret Menu? Do you know exactly what it is? (Did you know it was technically a Secret Menu item?) We have the answer.

When it comes to spoiling our pups, it is always fun when we can take them with us to run errands or pick up coffee, breakfast, or any other quick stop. And as fans of Starbucks, we are always fascinated by not only the things on their regular menu, but also the things that pop up on the Secret Menu. While it was actually a bit of a surprise when we saw Chewy call the Puppuccino a Secret Menu item, it does make sense since it isn’t really listed anywhere in stores.

But for anyone who has thought about grabbing a Puppuccino for their dog, but wasn’t sure what it was, we are breaking it down.

The Puppuccino at Starbucks is a simple, Secret Menu item

Basically the Puppuccino is a small cup of whipped cream. It is literally the same whipped cream that we get on our own drinks. And that is important to pay attention.

The reason why it is important to know what the Puppuccino really is, is because whipped cream has sugar in it. And while this certainly something our pups can enjoy once in a while, we definitely should not be giving this treat to them on a regular basis.

Obviously the amount of whipped cream in the cup is not going to do a lot of damage (unless of course your pup has health issues, diabetes, or is a very small dog, and in that case you may want to avoid the Puppuccino), but it is always important to know when we are giving our pups something made with sugar.

We love the fact that Starbucks offers a little treat for our dogs and while it is definitely not something we would give them all the time, it is a nice reward.

Did you know what the Puppuccino was? Have you ever given one to your pup? Tell us in the comments.