5 dog breeds that love to swim

There are a lot of dog breeds out there, and each of them have their own personality traits, and things that they enjoy doing. If you were looking for the perfect dog for your lifestyle, you might actually be looking for a dog who loves to swim. For people in places like Florida and California, the beach is a way of life, which means you might want a dog who enjoys the water as much as you do.

Getting to know, the different dog breeds can be important when finding a dog perfect for you. And that’s why we have been breaking down the different dog breeds that correspond to different aspects of our lives. In this case, we are specifically looking at dogs that love the water.

So which dog breeds love getting in the water and swimming? Here are five.

5 dog breeds that enjoy swimming

Golden Retriever

When it comes to popular dog breeds, the Golden Retriever has long, been a favorite for many. They are considered to be a family dog, with an appreciation for children. Much like their name implies, the Golden Retriever can be a very active dog. And swimming is one of the activities that they enjoy. In fact, if the Retriever can’t find a body of water to swim in, they will sometimes find their way to a mud puddle to get that bit of wet activity in, according to the Be Chewy blog.

American Water Spaniel

Honestly, the fact that this particular breed of dog loves to swim is probably not surprising. After all water is in their name. The thing about the American Water Spaniel is they are often a very friendly breed of dogs and they’re even hypoallergenic. This means that these dogs are great for people with allergies who still want a companion who enjoys water as much as we do. It is important to socialize your American Water Spaniel as they can be very shy, but in general, they are great with families and children as well.

Labrador Retriever

Long considered to be a lovable and friendly breed, the Labrador Retriever is a companion dog in many ways. They adapt well to different situations, and they love getting wet. As someone who once had a Labrador Retriever, I can tell you that if our pup could live in the bathtub he would have. These dogs love water and they are known to have great balance in the water.


Newfoundlands are actually the dogs of fishermen. It said that these strong swimmers worked side-by-side with fishermen as working dogs. They are known for being born swimmers and even have feet that are partially webbed. These are the dogs that we picture saving men from drowning. Knowing what these dogs are known for, is it any surprise that they have to be included in a list of dog breeds known for swimming?

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Another dog known for their water habits, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is actually a hunting dog. These dogs are friendly and intelligent, and tend to like being around their family. Naturally strong swimmers, these dogs are often used for wet hunting. But in general, we just love the fact that they love being in the water. Perhaps the only thing to pay attention to, is the fact that their hair will need special grooming, even though they are low shedding dogs.

Did you know that these dogs enjoyed swimming? Are you surprised by any of these dog breeds?