Labrador Retrievers throw a viral pool party on Instagram

Instagram is the home of many amazing dogs, which means plenty of adorable content. And thanks to two Labrador Retrievers, we now have the cutest viral pool party.

If you are looking for an instant mood boost, then Instagram and the Dogs of Instagram is the place to be. Not only are there a plethora of pictures and videos, but if you get really lucky you may come across something as magical as a pool party thrown by two Labrador Retrievers.

Thanks to Kiba and Kona on Instagram, the world is being treated to the cutest thing ever – a doggy pool party. In the original post (which has since been shared, liked and viewed thousands of times), the caption reads, “Mama I invited my buddies over for a swim, hope you don’t mind.”

And once you read that caption, it just makes the video that much cuter. After all, there are not just the two Labrador Retrievers throwing the pool party, there are actually a total of eight adorable dogs about to take over the swimming pool.

With eight Labrador Retrievers running around and swimming in this pool, the caption on the video that says “heaven” is perhaps the best description of this viral pool party. And while other posts sharing this video don’t always include the original message or the hashtags associated with it, we love the fact that this party was a chance for all of these besties to enjoy time together (and yes besties was one of the hashtags used for this post).

Any time we can enjoy something as carefree, innocent, and downright cute as this, then we are all for it. After all, dogs really can be one of the greatest gifts, and a pool party like this just cements that idea.

We can’t stop smiling at this Labrador Retriever pool party and playing it on repeat. But what do you think of this video? Tell us what you think of this Labrador Retriever party in the comments.