Golden Retriever goes viral for kissing a Furbo pet camera hoping there will be treats

Furbo is offering their own prime day deals. Image courtesy of Furbo
Furbo is offering their own prime day deals. Image courtesy of Furbo /

A Golden Retriever has gone viral over on TikTok after his attempt to convince the family’s Furbo pet camera to give him dog treats. And if that sounds adorable, that’s because it was.

In the video that has been washed over 470,000 times, the Golden Retriever named Gumbo can be seen licking the spot on the Furbo camera where dog (or cat) treats are typically dispensed. For those unfamiliar with the Furbo pet camera, there are a few different models to choose from.

While we are not sure exactly which Furbo this family has, the company offers both an original dog camera and a 360° dog camera. The 360° camera rotates so that you get better views of your pet at home. The camera also allows you to see your pet, talk to them, and of course, toss them treats.

Whichever camera they have, it is clear that Gumbo has figured out that this is where his treats come from. At the very least, it’s where the treats come from when his parents are not at home. However, it’s clear that his parents were home thanks to the video on TikTok showing his attempts to get the Furbo to dispense treats.

A Golden Retriever named Gumbo tried to get the family Furbo to give him treats

According to Newsweek,

"A message laid across the video shared from @chowederandgumbo, the TikTok account of the dog duo Chowder and Gumbo, read: “Gumbo kissing the Furbo [pet camera] hoping it’ll give him treats.”"

It is honestly an adorable video and one we can’t help but watch on repeat. This Golden Retriever is so innocent and pure and we are here for it. And of course, we wish the Furbo had dispensed a treat to say thank you for those sweet kisses!

Check out the TikTok here and make sure you watch some of the other adorable videos featuring both Gumbo and Chowder.

"@chowderandgumbo @Furbo Dog Camera #goldenretriever #goldensoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – user57246212142"

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@chowderandgumbo @Furbo Dog Camera #goldenretriever #goldensoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – user57246212142