Petco has a wide range of Valentine’s themed toys, treats, and clothes

Petco Valentines Day 2023 offerings. Image courtesy Petco
Petco Valentines Day 2023 offerings. Image courtesy Petco /

We all know that Petco is where the pets go. But did you know that Petco is also where we go to stock up on Valentine’s Day goodies for our dogs, cats, and other small pets?

it probably comes as no surprise that Petco is fully stocked on a variety of Valentine’s Day themed items for all of our pets needs. But, we can’t help but want to shine a spotlight on some of our favorites. With a wide range of products, many under the $25 mark, and even more under the $10 mark, it just makes sense that we want to remind people that Petco is a great place to go if you are looking to stock up on goodies for any holiday, event, and more.

So what all does the Valentine’s Day collection include? We are so glad you asked.

Petco is ready for Valentine’s Day with a wide range of products for all of our pets from big to small

Petco Valentines Day 2023 offerings. Image courtesy Petco /

Dogs, cats, hamsters, and more can all enjoy the magic of love with this Valentine’s Day collection from Petco. Some of our favorites include,

  • YOULY Free Smooches Striped Dog Bandana – This bandana is super cute and perfect for a kissing booth moment or just to put on any pup who loves to give kisses.
  • YOULY My Mom is My Valentine Dog Tee – I mean, do we even need to explain why we love this? I think not.
  • EveryYay Essentials Snooze Fest Bolster Mat Dog Bed – I love that this bed has a pink tint to it, although it is considered a tan color. It’s more like a tie dye than anything specific to Valentine’s Day, but at the same time it really does feel like a perfect fit for the holiday. And you can never go wrong with adding a new cozy accessory to your dog’s life.
  • YOULY Cupig Plush Dog Toy, Medium – I just think you cannot go wrong with an adorable Cupid dog toy for Valentine’s Day. But once they combined Cupid with a pig, you had our heart.
  • YOULY Ride or Fry Plush Dog Toy – We love french fries. Our dog loves french fries. So having a plush french fry dog toy, seems like a perfect win for Valentine’s Day. And it’s cute, so that’s a win right there.
  • YOULY Valentine’s Paw Cookie for Dogs, 2.22 oz – These cookies are super cute and our staff pup loves them. So having a little paw print cookie is a must this Valentines Day.
  • YOULY Heart Fire Hydrant Cookie for Dogs, 1.66 oz – I am obsessed with these fire hydrant cookies with a little heart on them. They are so perfect for our dogs and they’re cute. These are a must for Valentine’s Day treats.
  • Bocce’s Bakery Say Moo Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, 6 oz. – We love Bocce‘s Bakery treats! And we love that Petco carries them. With these treats, our dogs can get the ultimate Valentine’s Day spoiling, that lasts all month long.

What do you think? Have you done any Valentine’s Day shopping for your pet at Petco yet? Let us know!

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