Our dogs can enjoy their own Valentine’s Day treat with these BARK Macarons

BARK Limited Edition Valentine's Day Macarons (for dogs). Image courtesy of BARK.
BARK Limited Edition Valentine's Day Macarons (for dogs). Image courtesy of BARK. /

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BARK is celebrating the season of love by letting our pups enjoy the magic of macarons! And while we might think of macarons as a sweet treat normally made on baking shows and at fancy bakeries, in this case it is a perfect box of treats for our dogs to enjoy instead.

Launched on January 17, the new BARK Macarons are a limited edition offering that will not only make its way into February Barkboxes as an add on option, but they are also available on the Bark Food website. For anyone unfamiliar with this website, and these products, this is where you go to buy not only dog treats and supplements, but also actual food designed with your dog in mind. The brand is making sure that our dogs get exactly what they need for their breed.

And, well that’s all well and good, we are here about the Macarons. While these treats are being found under the dog food toppers section of the website, they are actually tiny sandwich cookie dog treats. Yes, they were made to look like a real macaron, but this time they are made with dogs in mind.

Your dog can celebrate Valentine’s Day with BARK Macarons

These limited edition dog treats come in an adorable box like normal Macarons would come, and there are four of them in a sleeve. It’s an adorable way to spoil your pup this Valentine’s Day. And, we love that they include a little bit of French on the inside of the box.

One sleeve of these Le Mutt Macarons will run you $15. Whether you choose to add this to your Barkbox subscription in February or buy this separately off of the BARK food website, we know that this is the perfect way to show some extra love to our pups this Valentine’s Day season.

But we want to know what you think. Will you be adding these mutt Macarons to your dog’s Valentine’s Day celebration?

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