12 Days of Dogmas: Have you shopped for dog treats from the BarkShop?

NEW HOLIDAY BARKBOX PRODUCTS: Dog Parent Holiday Gift Guides. Image courtesy of Bark
NEW HOLIDAY BARKBOX PRODUCTS: Dog Parent Holiday Gift Guides. Image courtesy of Bark /

We all know that when it comes to BARK, BarkBox, and even the BarkShop, we can get our pups plenty of dog toys, but what about dog treats. Did you know that many of the same treats that can be found in the BarkBox subscription can also be purchased separately? And yes, there are other options too!

One of our favorite things to do after a new BarkBox drops, it’s to check out the BarkShop to see what they have released. From November into December, the releases have all been very seasonal and a play off of the holidays that take place during these two months.

In honor of dogmess, we decided to browse the BarkShop website to see what was available for the holidays and beyond. What we found included the Gingerbark House, Clucky Drum Drums, Clucky Jerky Sticks, and even Tis the Cheesin’.

So what else are we snagging for our pup from BarkShop when it comes to the dog treats?

Dogmas means dog treats from the BarkShop

As we head into a new year, we are absolutely stocking up on dog treats for our pups. And with the BarkShop, we can have fun when it comes to what types of treats our dogs are enjoying.

For our pup we are snagging,

  • Mega Moo Jerky Bites
  • Oinky Jerky Bites
  • We All Bark For Ice Cream! Cookie (We love the idea of snagging these ice cream shaped cookies for special occasions and just generally spoiling our furry friends.)
  • Moo Moo Links
  • Gobble Jerky Bars

Honestly we want to snag all of the treats that the BarkShop has to offer. And if we are doing that, maybe we will throw in some dog toys too!

Did you know you could snag dog treats from the BarkShop? Will you be shopping with them this Dogmas? What will you be picking up for your dog to enjoy?

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