We tried the BARK Eats Gingerbark House and you’ll want to next!

NEW HOLIDAY BARKBOX PRODUCTS: Dog Parent Holiday Gift Guides. Image courtesy of Bark
NEW HOLIDAY BARKBOX PRODUCTS: Dog Parent Holiday Gift Guides. Image courtesy of Bark /

For the holidays, BarkBox, the BarkShop, and basically all of the BARK family got into the spirit of the season with a wide range of goodies! But the treat we were most excited to get our hands on had to be the Gingerbark House!

So what exactly is the Gingerbark House? Well if you guessed that it was a do it yourself doggy holiday house that your dog can actually eat, you would be correct! That’s right, this is a dog friendly take on a classic Gingerbread House, but in this case it is made with treats that your dog can chow down on once the building fun is over.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect Fluffy to get in on the building action, but this is definitely one of those fun things that you can do and then they can enjoy. It’s a dual purpose kit that gives you the fun of building a Gingerbark House without wondering what comes next. That’s because in this case the what’s next is that your dog gets a tasty treat!

BARK released a Gingerbark House that’s perfect for human and pet fun

The kit comes with everything you need to build a fun little house complete with puppy cake icing, sprinkles, mini bones, and the walls and doors of your house. You get to pick how exactly you decorate your BARK Eats Gingerbark House, and you decide when your pup gets to enjoy demolishing it.

It was so much fun getting to build this little house and it was just as much fun watching our staff pup eat it all! Basically this was just a lot of fun all around.

Perhaps the only downside is that the only way we can see to get one of these kits is by adding as an add on to your BarkBox order before it sells out. So if you want one, we recommend checking now just in case there are any left.

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