Bocce’s Bakery makes spoiling our pups on Valentine’s Day easy

Spoil Your Favorite Pup This Valentine’s Day With Bocce’s Bakery
Spoil Your Favorite Pup This Valentine’s Day With Bocce’s Bakery /

When it comes to dog treats, we always know that Bocce’s‘s Bakery will deliver amazing goodies for our pups. They offer amazing flavors and top-notch quality no matter what treat you choose or what your dog enjoys.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Bocce‘s Bakery is making sure that we have three delectable flavors of dog treats for our pups to enjoy. The three flavors are Strawberries are Red, Blueberries are Blue, and ‘nanas are Sweet.

If you couldn’t tell, these three flavors are based on three of our favorite fruits. We are getting a strawberry flavored dog treat, a blueberry flavored dog treats, and of course a banana flavored dog treat. The banana flavor is a combination with bacon, the blueberries are combined with peanut butter, and finally the strawberry gets the cream cheese magic.

Valentine’s Day is made tasty with the help of Bocce’s Bakery

Of course this is Bocce‘s Bakery and that means that there’s more to these flavors than just the two primary flavor profiles listed. With the Strawberries are Red biscuits our pups are getting a dog treat that is made with oat flour, strawberries, cream cheese, beets, honey, and finally coconut oil. It’s a new addition to their lineup that our dogs will absolutely love.

Blueberries are Blue biscuits are actually more straightforward. That is because not only did they come with the blueberries and peanut butter, but they’re also made with coconut oil and oat flour. It’s like a classic cookie for our dogs that is elevated.

Finally we have the Nanas are Sweet biscuits which again contain bananas and bacon as well as the coconut oil and oat flour. Once again this is a basic but delicious treat that our pup absolutely adores.

If your dog is as big of a fan of Bocce‘s Bakery as ours is, then you absolutely need to get your hands on at least one of these bags of treats. Although, we recommend all three of them. Not only can you get these treats on the Bocce’s Bakery website, but you can also get them at select stores. We recommend checking out target as that’s where we often find the Bocce’s Bakery treats.

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