Stray has arrived for video game lovers to play as a cat

Stray. Image courtesy BlueTwelve Studio
Stray. Image courtesy BlueTwelve Studio /

Video game lovers who also love cats, we have some exciting news! The video game called Stray has officially arrived from BlueTwelve Studio.

Originally teased back in 2020, Stray has finally arrived for people who love cats to actually play one for themselves. According to Nerdist,

"The recently released game includes incredible graphics of the stray kitty exploring a neon-lit cityscape. The game from BlueTwelve Studio is availablefor PC and PlayStation 4 and 5. It’s also included for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members."

So if you have a PlayStation you can knock things over for no reason, explore the underbelly of a very futuristic/post-apocalyptic city, and meow a lot (and it sounds like meowing a lot may even earn you a trophy). Of course, as they mentioned before, this game is also available for PC users, so that lets the rest of us get our proverbial cat on too.

We can finally play a video game as a cat thanks to Stray

Stray. Image courtesy BlueTwelve Studio /

Perhaps the greatest thing about this news is the fact that even the creators of the game understand that cats are hard to control. And it doesn’t seem to matter if we are talking about real cats or virtual ones. Cats are going to cat.

In fact, according to a post over on the PlayStation blog,

"Trying to control a cat – whether it’s in real life or when making a video game – is definitely not a walk in the park! From the very beginning, we knew that the controls and animations of our star character needed to be absolutely spot-on in order to properly convey this exhilarating feeling of skills and movement."

And in order to get their cat down pat, it seems that there was a lot of cat video watching that went into the creation of Stray. But that’s not all, because so many of the people who worked on the project are owned by cats themselves (or are cat owners, same thing). Plus, there were two kitties at the office who helped to oversee the project and offer their own input on what it means to be a cat.

Stray. Image courtesy BlueTwelve Studio /

Basically, if you love cats and video games, then Stray is for you. And you will finally get the chance to experience the life of a cat (with a backpack). Is there more to this game than just meowing and being a cat? Of course there is. We just love the fact that this entire game is played as a cat, which means this is the cat’s perspective of life!

We can’t wait to get our cat on! But we want to know what you think. Are you excited for the arrival of Stray and the fact that you can finally play a video game as a cat?

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