Nacho Flay reminds us that they are the ultimate Flay of the household

Bobby Flay's Made by Nacho launches 18 new products, new partnerships. Image courtesy Made by Nacho
Bobby Flay's Made by Nacho launches 18 new products, new partnerships. Image courtesy Made by Nacho /

In a new post shared to Instagram, Nacho Flay is once again reminding us who is the ruler of the roost. And no, it’s clearly not Bobby Flay!

Thanks to a reel posted to Nacho’s Instagram account, we get to see one of our favorite foodie cats sitting on a cutting board looking rather regal. Of course, that cutting board happens to be on the counter in the kitchen, which is further proof of who is in charge here.

But the real magic of this reel is the fact that the audio is all about parents putting a roof over their children’s head. It’s a play on the idea that you brought those children or pets into the home and while we may point out that you are putting a roof over their head, that is what you are supposed to be doing. And honestly, it is clear that Nacho Flay completely understands the beauty of this trend and audio. (It’s absolutely the “I ain’t asked to be here,” that just killed it in terms of those kitty attitudes.)

Nacho Flay uses a reel to remind us that they are in charge here

Over the last few years, Nacho Flay has proven to be as much of an influencer as their chef father. After all, Nacho has over 248,000 followers on Instagram alone. And with a devoted cat dad like Bobby Flay, we have definitely seen proof that Nacho is the one in charge in that home.

Not only does Nacho have a line of pet products called Made by Nacho, but the Maine Coon Cat also has a devoted fanbase on social media too (clearly). So basically, move over Bobby Flay this is Nacho Flay’s world and we are all just living in it. (And we know that Nacho has a kitty sister, Stella Flay, but it is clear that Nacho is the king of this castle.)

It’s hard to deny that this reel trend was made for Nacho Flay to have some fun with. And even if his dad does seem a little awkward in the video, it’s okay because this is all about our regal kitty.

Check out the reel for yourself over on Instagram!

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What do you think? Are you a fan of Nacho Flay? Do you think this trend was made for him?