Washbar shares some tips to make summer bath times easier

Manuka WashBar for Dogs
Manuka WashBar for Dogs /

Since we were first introduced to WashBar, we have found ourselves more and more impressed with this product and the company. Not only are they giving us a shampoo bar for our dogs that gets them clean, but it is also less wasteful than other products and it also doesn’t leave behind as much of a residue as some brands might. With this product being a natural pet care item, it just makes sense that it would be a win when it comes to our pups and their grooming needs.

But perhaps the thing we like the most is the fact that they are willing to share some great tips and ideas for not only how to use the WashBar, but also how to make life easier with our pups. And this time, that means giving us some great tips and tricks for summer bath time.

So what exactly are their tips for making bath time easier this summer?

WashBar gives us three great tips (reminders) for making bath time a little easier and less stressful

  • Before actually putting your pup in the bath, give them a quick brush. This will take out the excess fur and hair, as well as any loose dirt. It is also a great way to get your dog ready for some one-on-one time with you (and the tub).
  • Put down a towel on surfaces that can be slippery. This can even mean putting one right in the shower or bathtub with your dog. We don’t want our pups slipping, sliding, and getting hurt while we are trying to get them clean.
  • Make sure everything you need is in easy reach. You are already going to be handling a wet dog, the last thing you want is to struggle grabbing the shampoo (preferably the WashBar shampoo bar), a towel, or even the treats that will keep Fluffy and Fifi from making a run for it when you least expect it. Being prepared can make all the difference during a doggy bath.

Honestly, while these tips may seem obvious, there is something about getting ready for an activity like this that can make us forget what we even need. Do we need an extra towel? (Yes.) Do we have the shampoo we need? All that and more can be completely forgotten as we get our pups ready for some tub time.

But what tips do you have for us and our pup’s bath time? Do you already do these things? Have you tried WashBar yet? What do you think?

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