WashBar announces their new veterinarian in residence

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WashBar has some exciting news for fans of the shampoo bar brand as they announce the arrival of their new “vet in residence.” Introducing Dr. Liz Bales as the official veterinarian of the brand.

So what exactly does this mean? It means that Dr. Bales has joined the team in order to help provide, “expert insight into the benefits of WashBar’s line of products, including why their bar shampoo is actually better for the environment and your dogs than liquid shampoo.”

And that means that we can share more news about just how great this product is backed by a professional. Considering Dr. Bales graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, she has a long history of professional service helping animals and promoting their overall health and welfare.

WashBar adds Dr. Liz Bales to their team as the vet in residence

With the arrival of Dr. Liz Bales to the WashBar team, we now look to her to learn more about the brand and the product. And one of the first things she has shared her thoughts on is the use of a bar soap such as WashBar to keep our pets clean.

"On a psychological level people associate suds and bubbles with cleaning power. We humans like bubbles so much, many commercial manufacturers add chemicals in to specifically create suds, foam, and soap. Spoiler alert: suds are soap molecules trapping air in spherical pockets and have nothing to do with cleaning. WashBar’s bar soap provides a satisfying and effective lather, naturally!"

Honestly, I love the ease of use of a bar soap because it can be hard to handle a slippery wet pup and a bottle of shampoo. But with the bar, there isn’t any dropping the bottle, pouring out too much shampoo, or not even being able to get into the bottle.

We can’t wait to learn more from Dr. Bales and see what she has to say about the product and how it can be a part of our pet’s life and grooming habits.

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