WashBar is getting an early start on Earth Day with a commitment to plant trees

Manuka WashBar for Dogs
Manuka WashBar for Dogs /

Have you ever heard of WashBar before? If not, you may be wondering who and what they are and even what they have to do with our pups and Earth Day (based on our title of course).

In the past, we wrote about this New Zealand based brand that is helping us take care of our pets. Specifically, we talked about their products and the fact that they are a brand that prides itself on its sustainability. But if you don’t remember, WashBar offers our pets natural products to keep them clean and well cared for. We are talking shampoo bars, soap bars, and balms for their paws.

Even the packaging is worth talking about as it is environmentally friendly while still being cute! And speaking of environmentally friendly, as we mentioned in the title, WashBar is getting ready for Earth Day early and we have the scoop on what this means.

WashBar is ready for Earth Day with an offer that we can’t help but want to take part in

It seems that WashBar has committed to help plant trees this Earth Day as part of a partnership with Trees That Count (a New Zealand based organization that helps plant new trees).

According to the press email we received on behalf of the brand,

"WashBar has committed to planting one tree for each Original or Manuka soap bar ordered during Earth Day weekend (4/22–4/24) to contribute to New Zealand’s beautiful & biodiverse landscape."

Considering the brand is already working to do their part to commit to being more environmentally friendly, we have to love the fact that in honor of Earth Day 2022, they are helping to plant new trees in New Zealand. For us, buying a Manuka Soap Bar or even their original bar is both a chance to give back to the planet and a way to help keep our pups clean and refreshed! That’s a win-win situation for us.

So while it may be almost a month away (at time of writing), we are getting ready now so that we can do our part to help plant some trees.

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