My Petsies has the perfect Father’s Day gift for all dog dads

My Petsies pillows for Father's Day, image courtesy Petsies
My Petsies pillows for Father's Day, image courtesy Petsies /

What’s more personal than a customized item you know will mean the world to the receiver? At Petsies you can do just that! This Father’s Day, why not give the dog dads in your family or circle of friends something truly special?

Earlier this year, My Petsies gifted me a pillow with a photo of my pet! But not just any square or round pillow, one customized to the shape of the photo of my sweet Sunny girl! Now, who wouldn’t love this gift? Below, I share what more you can get from Petsies and the quality of my new favorite pillow.

Create a personalized gift of your pet this Father’s Day

My Petsies pillows for Father's Day, image courtesy Petsies
My Petsies pillows for Father’s Day, image courtesy Petsies /

For starters, shipping was faster than I expected, which is great. However, don’t count on shipping too much, be sure you place your order on time! Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 19. I’ll be honest, this is not my customized item of my pet (can you blame me? I love Sunny!), I’ve had keychains, prints, and socks with her adorable face. But one pair of socks is already fading, and the keychains came out too dark.

My pillow from Petsies is bright, clear, and super soft! It’s great quality and, though this one was free, fairly priced. I am definitely getting something from Petsies for my husband! Want something other than a pillow? Petsies has your back! Petsies offers plush pillows, socks, face masks, and keychains! You can even purchase a gift card so that the person you are surprising with Petsies can select their own gift and image.

In addition to a gift from Petsies, what will you be spoiling the dog dad in your life with? And even though Petsies does focus on doggies (as everyone should), you can also print gifts with your pet cats! Also, no one said you can’t get anything for yourself for Father’s Day! Why not get a pillow just for you?

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