The top 5 best Dog Mom gifts this Mother’s Day® Dog Mom Personalized Adult Sweatshirt. Image courtesy 1-800-Flowers PR® Dog Mom Personalized Adult Sweatshirt. Image courtesy 1-800-Flowers PR /

Dog Moms need some love, too! This Mother’s Day, surprise them with one of the beautiful and personalized gifts, below.

Mother’s Day celebrates mom, grandmother’s, aunts, step-mothers, and all mother figures — and this includes Dog Moms! Because all puppies are like our kiddos, wouldn’t you agree?

We don’t just welcome these pups into our homes, but we commit to loving them unconditionally and raising them right! This is easier said than done! I recently added a pup to my family and though she is the sweetest and most wonderful, it’s also been an adjustment.

From training them to sleep alone to basic commands such as sit, come, and stay, raising a good pup requires a lot of patience!

If there’s a dog mom in your life who you believe is doing amazing, why not let them know with a gift from Personalization Mail?® Our Pet Home Personalized Throw Pillow. Image courtesy 1-800-Flowers PR® Our Pet Home Personalized Throw Pillow. Image courtesy 1-800-Flowers PR /

The best Dog Mom gifts this Mother’s Day from Personalization Mail

In the above link, you’ll find all the Dog Mom gifts Personalization Mail has to offer, from socks to keychains, but we highlight our five favorite gifts, below:

Custom Pet Home Throw Pillow

People truly underestimate gifting pillows. Pillows may not come to mind when you think of a  good gift, but can you think of one person who doesn’t love or use a pillow? I didn’t think so! Pillows are for decorating, snuggling, and sleeping.

This personalized 18″ Throw Pillow is the perfect dog mom gift. It reads “Our house is not a home without [pet name here],” so you can customize it with the pup name.

Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Blouses and pants are tough to shop for when it comes to gifts, but who doesn’t love a  comfy sweatshirt? This Dog Mom Personalized Adult Sweatshirt can be personalized with up to five names, you pick the color, too!

Travel Mug

For the dog mom who spoils her pup rotten (you know, those dogs we see and think they have it better than we  do), how about this travel mug you can customize with their name to the saying “I work so hard so my dog [name] can have a better life.”

This is particularly great for those who adopted their pup.

Photo Clip Holder Block

If the dog mom in your life loves to keep her office in order and decorated with things they love, this Photo Clip Holder Block is great! Print their favorite photo of their pup and you’re set! You can choose from 23 colors and it is personalized with three lines of text.

Love My Pet window decal

I love this one! Many parents have window decals in their cars of their children and family, why not add your pup? Customize this pet window decal from 14 pet designs to make it one of a kid. They are car wash safe.

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Which of these dog mom gifts is your favorite?