Lesure gives our cats a variety of products for comfort and activity

LAUNCH: Pet Supply Brand, Lesure (Available Exclusively on Amazon). Image courtesy of Lesure
LAUNCH: Pet Supply Brand, Lesure (Available Exclusively on Amazon). Image courtesy of Lesure /

Are you looking to bring a new level of activity or comfort to your cat’s every day life? Then the pet brand Lesure has the answer!

Available through Amazon, Lesure offers a wide variety of pet products that are all about bringing the comfort to your door. And while we will certainly be giving their dog-centric products a spotlight, for now, it is all about our favorite felines.

From pet carriers to cat trees, there are an interesting mix of items that are all about our fuzzy felines. And while the pet carrier is definitely worth checking out, we are here for the cat tree and the Cat Scratching Post that is designed with a desert theme in mind.

Lesure brings the cat comfort to our door with the help of Amazon

LAUNCH: Pet Supply Brand, Lesure (Available Exclusively on Amazon). Image courtesy of Lesure /

Up first, let’s talk about the Cactus Cat Scratching Post.

Available in two sizes, a large and small post, this cactus inspired scratching post features a dangling ball to really keep our kitties entertained. Thanks to the stable structural build of this post, our felines can climb, scratch, and bat at this post without worrying about getting knocked out in the process.

It is easy to assemble and designed with a rough twine that your cat’s will love to sink their claws into! We love the cactus look to this post and the fact that it is a little something extra for adding to any room in your home.

Another thing we are loving from Lesure is their cat trees. They have different sizes of cat trees, which makes it easy to pick the one that will fit in whatever space you may have for your feline friend.

For us, the one we are the most obsessed with has to be the 6 Level Tall Cat Tower. It comes in a grey and beige color that would work with just about any color scheme, and gives our cats things to do and multiple levels to relax on depending on their mood. From an enclosed pet level for the box loving kitty to the platforms and beds, this cat tower is as much about rest as it is fun (because yes, this has balls for playing with and the twine wrapped posts that let our cats get their scratch on).

We love the fact that there are so many options for our cats to enjoy and that makes this something they will enjoy for a long time to come. While this does have a regular price of $119.99, at the time of writing, there was actually an Amazon discount you could apply to save some money on snagging one of these beauties.

Honestly, we are always looking for ways to spoil our feline friends and if that means snagging a new cat tree or scratching post that always fits in with our home decor, we are truly here for it.

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