Dog friendly decorating tips that will let you enjoy your home and pup in style

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 21: Royal Corgis at the World Premiere of season 2 of Netflix "The Crown" at Odeon Leicester Square on November 21, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 21: Royal Corgis at the World Premiere of season 2 of Netflix "The Crown" at Odeon Leicester Square on November 21, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images) /

Decorating can either be extremely easy or very tricky. But when you have a dog, there are additional things you need to keep in mind. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks.

Decorating can be a great way to give your home personality, while also making the space your own. However, when you own a dog it can be tricky to decorate in a way that works with how messy our pups can get.

From choosing the right paint to making sure the rug you choose is pet friendly, there are plenty of things that you can do to make decorating with a dog work together in harmony. With so many different things to consider to make your home not only dog friendly, but also cozy and chic, these tips and tricks can help make decorating your space easier than ever.

Picking the right carpets and rugs

There are surprisingly a number of things to consider when it comes to picking the right carpets and rugs. Even if you have a light-colored dog, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want a light rug. While you may not want all of their fur to show when they shed everywhere, you also have to consider the fact that at some point there will be muddy paws in the house.

You will either need to snag yourself rugs and carpet with a pattern to them to hide potential stains that even a steam clean can’t fix or you may want to look into carpet tiles that can be replaced easily. And if you have no choice when it comes to the carpet in an apartment, you may want to consider a spot near the door where you can wipe down your pup before they leave unexpected paw prints.

Picking the right curtains

You might not have thought that curtains would be something to consider when it comes to your furry friend, but the reality is there are plenty of ways to change a room with the use of the right curtains. And the last thing you want is for those curtains to either be loaded with fur or dangerous to your pup.

If you choose curtains that are too long and that seem to pool on the ground, you are more likely to create a dust magnet than anything else. But that’s not all, as your pup could end up getting tangled in the excess fabric and either hurt themselves or even pull them down completely.

Instead of worrying about having a fur magnet or something that can be pulled down, opt for curtains that don’t touch the ground. Plus, if your curtains can be cleaned easily, that can help when it comes to getting rid of any fur buildup.

Using the right paint

Just like humans, our dogs have oils in their fur. And those oils can transfer to the wall when their furry bodies rub against it. Even water can be problematic, as well as other dirt and debris. While we may want to get those oils and any other dirt off of the wall in order to keep it clean, depending on the paint you choose, you may end up having issues.

Paints that are described as being eggshell or flat can’t handle the levels of scrubbing necessary to keep our walls clean. Instead, you will want to go with semi-gloss and even enamel paints that can handle being wiped down with ease.

Slipcovers are a dog’s best friend

Whether we are talking about the couch, chairs, or other larger pieces of furniture, slipcovers can be a great decorating tool. Not only do they let you change things up without breaking the bank, but these covers can be easily cleaned.

Slipcovers are also great when you want something more durable or that can hide the dirt and oils our dogs leave behind. Opt for denims or heavy canvas that can handle the abuse and wear and tear our dogs are likely to dish out. Plus, the fact that you can throw these in the washing machine if necessary means you don’t have to worry about replacing a couch cushion or worry about stains.

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There are a lot of ways that you can decorate your home while also taking into account the fact that you have a pup living with you as well. Just because you want to make your space look cute while also being dog friendly, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. From paint to curtains, there are plenty of little ways to make your home pup friendly and chic.