What should new pet owners know before adopting?

Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart
Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart /

There are so many things that go into bringing home a new pet. And this is especially true if you have never been a pet owner before.

And while we might think of basics and even fun things to make our home more comfortable for these new pups, there is more to bringing home a new pet than just picking up dog toys, a new dog bed, and dog food. (Of course, we are still going to stock up on those BARK dog toys to spoil any new pet we bring home!)

In a press email we received on behalf of Trupanion and State Farm, they pointed out multiple facts to take into account when bringing home a new furry friend. And these facts are a reminder of what we should be doing when adopting a new pet.

Things to pay attention to when bringing home a new pet

According to The Zebra,

"Americans spend about $99 billion on their pets and pet products every year.Only about 2% of U.S. pet owners invest in pet insurance, forcing them to pay out of pocket or with cash for vet expenses."

And these two facts alone are something we should be taking into account when adopting a new pet. Why? Because it is a reminder that being a pet parent can be expensive.

It costs money to adopt a pet and then to take care of them. There are any number of expenses that come from being a dog or cat mom. From medical bills to just purchasing dog food, the cost of being a pet parent can be costly.

One way we can mitigate some of those costs is by being proactive with our costs. What I mean by this is paying for pet insurance. Pet insurance, just like health insurance, can come in handy when the unexpected happens. It can also help to defer costs for the standard vet trips too.

In fact, the press email we received reminded us that,

"According to State Farm and Trupanion, the most common pet insurance claims include vomiting, allergies and ear infections for dogs, while vomiting, urinary tract infections and hyperthyroidism are most common for cats. Many of these ailments often incur hefty vet bills, making it important to be prepared for any scenario, so you never have to decide between your pet’s health and your budget."

Beyond pet insurance, other things we consider when it comes to paying attention to pet costs is paying attention to rewards programs for places where we shop for our pets. So if PetSmart, Chewy, and Petco have a rewards program – sign us up!

We want to make sure that we are being smart about our money, while also being prepared for whatever our new pet may need.

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But we want to know what you think about being a new pet parent. What do you do to mitigate costs? Do you have pet insurance? Are you a member of rewards programs to save money on your pet purchases? What else do you do to save a little dough?