Blue Buffalo gives our dogs all the choices when it comes to the treats

Treat Your Pets with Blue Buffalo on National Pet Day. Image courtesy Blue Buffalo
Treat Your Pets with Blue Buffalo on National Pet Day. Image courtesy Blue Buffalo /

When it comes to spoiling our pets, there are a lot of treats on the market. But one of our longtime favorite brands has to be Blue Buffalo. Over the years, it has proven to be a brand that is as much about consistency and quality as it is great flavors that our dogs (and cats) all love.

And as we head into a new month and get ready for National Pet Day on April 11, we turn to Blue Buffalo for treats to spoil our pups with! Luckily, there are plenty of options in the lineup to choose from.

From their Sizzlers to their Health Bars, there is something for every pup and in a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest of pups.

Need help training your dog or teaching them a trick? Then the Blue Bits are the perfect choice, as their are specifically designed as training treats (think small sizes that fit in your hand for reinforcement or just an I love you). Have a pup who needs their teeth cleaned? Check out their Dental Bones, a perfect choice that even your dog will love.

Blue Buffalo offers a wide range of dog treats for every pup to enjoy

Whatever you are looking for, it truly feels like Blue Buffalo has it. And that means that no matter what style or flavor of treat your dog loves, they have you covered.

Among our favorites (or at the very least among Staff Pup Ladybug’s favorites) we have the Blue Sizzlers, which are bacon-style treats in two flavors, and the BLUE Health Bars which are oven-baked biscuits, which come in two sizes and six flavors (well we think it is six flavors, at this point the Bug is a fan of bacon and beef so who even knows anymore).

But no matter what your pup’s favorite flavor or style of treat may be, at least we know that we can get it from Blue Buffalo. And with a high quality product, we can’t help but appreciate everything they have to offer.

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Are you a fan of Blue Buffalo? What’s your dog’s favorite treat from the brand?