Which dog will end up winning the Bark Bracket to be on Busch Dog Brew cans?

Busch Light “Bark Bracket," Image courtesy Busch Light
Busch Light “Bark Bracket," Image courtesy Busch Light /

It’s down to the final four and there can be only one (shoutout to the Highlander fans out there). Which pup will be the lucky one to end up on Busch Dog Brew cans in the Fall of 2022?

Not sure what we are talking about? Well, fans of Busch Beer and of course their canine friendly option, the Busch Dog Brew, were invited to send in their pups (not literally, we are talking pictures) to see which canine would represent the brand and their brew on at least 40,000 cans of their upcoming new flavor. And after all the voting, the furry friends have been whittled down to just four.

So who are the four dogs left in the Bark Bracket? And how will we all decide which pup wins the ultimate prize as the representative of the new Busch Dog Brew dropping this fall?

Busch Dog Brew is down to four in their Bark Bracket

According to the press email we received, our final fur is:

"Jovi – Like many Busch Light drinkers, Jovi’s a hunter through and through. She loves to keep up with her human in the great outdoors and chase birds.Kira – Found in a ditch by local police officers as a puppy, Kira was rescued by a Humane Society and been living a happy life with her owner who calls her a fun-loving goof.Brew – 10-year-old rescue American Bulldog mix, Brew got his name because his owner says he’s the best drinking buddy around.Rhett – Don’t let this Rottie/Pit mix’s mean mug fool you, Rhett is a country music lovin’, couch cuddlin’ good boy."

In order to vote for the next face of the brand, we need to head to social media between March 23 to the 27th and use the pups’ official hashtags to cast our votes. (So to vote for Rhett it would be #TeamRhett, to vote for Brew it would be #TeamBrew.) And by March 29, we will have our winner! The one pup to drool them all.

Honestly, we can’t choose between any of these very good pups. And that means for us, we are leaving it up to the Busch fans out there.

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But which pup do you think will win? Who will be the next Busch Dog Brew dog?