Busch Light hires a rescue pup and makes sure he has medical benefits

Rescue Pup Hired by Busch Light to Receive Medical Benefits. Courtesy Busch Light
Rescue Pup Hired by Busch Light to Receive Medical Benefits. Courtesy Busch Light /

There’s a new dog joining the Busch family. After last year’s hiring of Ethan as Chief Tasting Officer, Busch Light has hired a rescue pup to be part of the team next.

Apparently Ethan has had a very busy year since taking on the role of CTO and when this new pup’s resume crossed his desk, he knew this was the pup who would join him to offer a helping paw.

Introducing the latest addition to the Busch Light family, Travolta. So who is this rescue pup and why was he a fit for Ethan’s team?

Busch Light brings on a new pup to join their Chief Tasting Officer, Ethan

According to the press release we received on behalf of Busch Light,

"Travolta, another loveable pup who was recently rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), came across Ethan’s desk and his qualifications are nothing short of stunning. Like Ethan, Travolta was abandoned, malnourished and desperately in need of care when he was brought into KHS. Ethan recognized the bravery and talent of Travolta right away and felt he had upper-level-management written all over him."

Considering Travolta and Ethan have a similar history, it does make sense that the two would make a good team. And of course, we do love the fact that by joining the team, Travolta is covered with his medical care. In fact, that is his first assignment with Busch Light – to make a full recovery!

Honestly, Busch Light’s hiring of a rescue pup to kick start 2022 is the kind of feel good story we are here for!

We love a company that is willing to help animals in need and since the announcement of their Busch Brew for dogs, the company has repeatedly shown that they are here for the pups of the world. And this is just another way they are doing good.

Of course, if you want to see Travolta’s job employment offer letter, you can see it posted to the Busch Beer Twitter account.

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What do you think fellow dog lovers? Who else loves this new addition to the team? And do we love to see Busch doing good like this? We want to hear what you think!