Busch Beer is looking for their first ever Canine Chief Tasting Officer

Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer, photo provided by Busch Beer
Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer, photo provided by Busch Beer /

When Busch Beer first released their Busch Dog Brew, we were pretty excited. After all, this meant we could enjoy a brew with the pup anytime. And now it looks like they are going all in with their canine-friendly brew, and that means it is time to get hiring.

So what does that mean for your pup? It means that they could potentially snag an epic job with Busch Beer of course. The job in question is as the Chief Tasting Officer or CTO of Busch Dog Brew.

The CTO would be responsible for a few different things in this role, including taste testing and helping Busch Beer to expand their canine offerings to include more flavors. Whichever pup is hired for the role will also be a brand ambassador, acting as a face for the company and the product.

And if that sounds like a lot of work, well your pup will be well compensated for everything they do. According to the press release about this canine job search, it seems that the winning pup will receive “stock options” (this is also known as cans of the pork bone broth Busch Dog Brew), healthcare of their own (pet insurance!!!), and even an impressive salary of $20,000.

Busch is looking to hire a Chief Tasting Officer for their Dog Brew line

Busch Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer, photo provided by Busch Beer /

Over on Twitter, Busch Beer announced this job search with the help of a video that is ridiculously cute and shows just how hard their search will be for the company. Obviously, any pup interested in this role must have a rather refined palate (makes sense since taste testing is involved), they need to have an excellent nose for scents, and basically they just need to be a very good boy or girl.

For more information on this canine job search and how to help your pup apply, check out the website here. (Applying is as easy as sharing a picture on social media of your pup along with a list of their qualifications.)

Maybe it is me, but this seems like a dream job for any pup. And if you have a pup who seems to know their way around a food bowl, then this could be the job for them.

We are just as excited for the stock options as the healthcare provided, after all, we love the idea of all that Busch Dog Brew! After all, this is a perfect treat for our pups, while also making it easy for us to enjoy a drink with our fuzzy friend too.

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Are you excited by this news? Will your pup be applying for the role of Busch CTO? Do you think this is a job your pup would enjoy? Tell us in the comments below.