John Wick comics shows that he’s a cat person

Keanu Reeves stars as 'JOHN WICK' in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM. Photo credit: Niko Tavernise
Keanu Reeves stars as 'JOHN WICK' in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM. Photo credit: Niko Tavernise /

The John Wick comics proves something interesting – he’s a cat person. Or at least, feels far more comfortable around all domestic pets than people, which is fair and understandable.

This nugget of information about possibly the hottest action movie series of the 2010s comes from the good folks at Screen Rant.

While we know and love the John Wick movies for the ways they include and portray dogs within the story – in the first movie, for example, Daisy the Beagle was a gift from John’s wife, at some point he acquires a pit bull, while Halle Berry’s character has several dogs in the third movie – the comics shows a much younger john Wick drawn to cats, which fits an assassin pretty well.

Cats are aloof and loyal to specific people, much more so than dogs, and they don’t tend to play well with rules.

John Wick comics show he’s a cat person.

The John Wick comics were a six-issue prequel series from writer Greg Pak and illustrators Matt Gaudio and Giovanni Valletta from Dynamite Comics, and the first issue shows John on a mission, where he unexpectedly comes across a cat in a target’s empty apartment, and much like Lucy Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) finds Ashley’s cat Fluffy in Peter’s apartment in While You Were Sleeping, quickly makes friends with it.

The second issue shows John coming across a stray black and white cat in an alley prior to a shootout, and he takes time out of his day to pet and feed this kitty as well.

As Screen Rant points out, this connection to animals is one of the ways that John Wick hangs on to his humanity, as much as you’re able to in a job like that.

And in real life, Keanu Reeves enjoys pets as well, and this knowledge about the John Wick character makes the Key and Peele spoof Keanu even funnier, as the Keanu in that movie is a cat.

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