Krypto the SuperDog acting like every other dog in the DC League of SuperPets is everything we hope to see more of

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In the first full length trailer for the upcoming movie DC League of SuperPets, we got quite a bit of action and of course super pets. But it was Krypto who was a scene stealer.

We have loved watching the live action version of Krypto the SuperDog on DC’s Titans. And while we have certainly wanted more of him on our screens, in the upcoming animated movie, DC League of SuperPets, we are definitely getting plenty of Krypto!

In fact, one would almost think the correct title for this movie would be Krypto the SuperDog and the League of SuperPets, at least based on this first full look at the movie. Why? Because we got some epic moments with Superman’s dog.

Krypto is just like every other dog in new League of SuperPets trailer

Perhaps the greatest moment in the trailer is when Krypto tries to wake Superman up to go for a walk. It was the kind of scene we want to see more of and it truly reminded me of Secret Life of Pets!

Of course, most dogs can’t fly so that definitely sets him apart from other canines out there. And yet, watching his antics as he tried to wake his owner up to get his walk in was pure brilliance. It’s the kind of moment we hope to see more of in the actual movie.

Yet, the thing about Krypto is that while he is a SuperDog, emphasis on dog, he isn’t like all the others. And he doesn’t exactly know how to be one with the pack. His conversation with the dog on the sidewalk proves that even his ability to fly didn’t.

Still, we want more of Krypto being a regular dog.

Check out the trailer for DC League of Super Pets here:

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What do you think? Did you love seeing Krypto acting like every other dog? What do you want to see more of in the actual movie? Which was your favorite moment or scene in the trailer? Let us know.