Krypto played the role of Lassie in the latest episode of Titans

Joshua Orpin, Damaris Lewis in Titans Season 3, Episode 13 - Courtesy of HBO Max
Joshua Orpin, Damaris Lewis in Titans Season 3, Episode 13 - Courtesy of HBO Max /

In the Titans third season, we have seen plenty of highs and lows when it comes to Conner and Krypto. But in the 12th episode, “Prodigal,” we even saw a Lassie moment for our SuperDog as he did his part to get Blackfire to SuperBoy’s side.

After Dick betrayed Conner and Krypto by using Kryptonite Dust against them in episode 11, things went downhill for Nightwing. He basically ended up dead and left Conner in a dangerous situation, as we have no clue how the Kryptonite Dust will impact him thanks to his origins (half Superman, half Lex Luthor).

And in “Prodigal,” it is clear that Krypto was able to shake off the Kryptonite Dust much easier than Conner, leading to our SuperDog having to pull a Lassie move and lead Blackfire to the well, AKA SuperBoy. We have no idea how Krypto was able to find Blackfire or even how long the Kryptonite Dust had an impact on the duo, but it was awesome seeing the pup get more of a storyline in this episode.

Titans gave us a Lassie moment for Krypto

While the Titans are currently a fractured group of heroes, it looks like things may start to turn around. But Dick Grayson has a lot to make up for and so does Jason Todd. Not the least of which is the fact that Dick is going to have to find a way to repair his relationship with both Krypto and Conner.

However, no matter what comes next, it was nice to see Krypto get a chance to shine more than once in this episode. Whether it was his Lassie moment or when the trio ended up back at the lab where Blackfire was held and the scientist gushed a little over our favorite SuperDog, it was nice to see the pup getting a spotlight and a story for a change.

And now we are hoping that we see more of the pup moving forward on Titans, especially if we get more of a storyline for SuperBoy like we are hoping for.

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What do you think Titans fans? Were you a fan of this episode and the fact that they Lassied Krypto? We want to know.