Nightwing betrayed his fellow Titans team members by using Kryptonite Dust

Titans - Courtesy of HBO Max
Titans - Courtesy of HBO Max /

The Titans are falling apart and Dick Grayson has decided to go off on his own once again, but this time he made a critical error in his thinking. Instead of relying on his team (which is something he has tried to hammer home to the group in the past), he actually opted to use Superman’s weakness against Conner and Krypto.

Rather than actually listen and think about what he is doing, Dick decided to act on his own and with his emotions at an all time high. And that meant that instead of being heroic in his actions, Nightwing chose to use Kryptonite dust against Krypto and Conner.

It has taken a few days with this scene to really think about why we are upset with this. And it is because it is a betrayal. Dick Grayson betrayed members of his team. He used their weakness against them and he took away their choices.

Maybe it is me, but the Titans have long been about freedom, free will, and doing the right thing. But Nightwing betrayed the Titans by taking away the free will of SuperBoy and SuperDog.

Nightwing using Kryptonite dust against Krypto and Conner is a slap in the face of the Titans

While Donna is working with Tim Drake to try and find her team, Gar and Rachel are working together, and then we have Dick Grayson, Conner, and Krypto. Instead of doing what the rest of the Titans are doing and working together, Dick is once again going off like a lone wolf.

And his lone wolf persona is doing more harm than good, not only to himself, but also his relationship with people like Conner. He isn’t listening. He isn’t being a good leader. And at this point, he is proving that he doesn’t know how to be a superhero.

His abuse of power when it comes to Krypto and Conner is unforgivable. And whether or not Conner, Krypto and the rest of the Titans forgive Dick, it will be hard to forget this latest action that goes against what it means to be a Titan.

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But what did you think? Do you think Nightwing betrayed his team? Are you upset about the Kryptonite dust being used against Krypto and Conner? We want to know.