Chris Evans shares twinsie selfie with Dodger to Instagram

Is there anything better than adorable celebrity and their dog picture? How about one when that picture features one of our favorites – Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger?

On November 16, Chris Evans took to Instagram to share a selfie alongside his furry sidekick, with the very simple caption, “Twins?” While it was a simple picture and a simple caption, it definitely got us excited.

Typically when Evans posts to Instagram, he sticks to his stories and while he does share posts about Dodger, there is plenty of time between posts (the last one with Dodger was posted on October 23). So of course, we were excited for a new post featuring the dynamic duo.

And with the question of “twins” up in the air, we have to admit that we can see it! These two are super cute and it definitely has us agreeing with the idea that after a while dogs and their owners end up looking alike.

Chris Evans shares adorable selfie with Dodger at his side

Looking at Evans and Dodger side by side, you can just tell that they belong to each other. And it is is definitely a good look for them. From the smirk on the actor’s face to the look on Dodger’s face, even we know that these two are up to no good and we are here for it.

And checking out the comments section of the post, it is clear that we are not alone in not only loving this picture, but also appreciating these two finally posting a selfie together. Now we just have to hope for even more Dodger and Chris Evans selfies on Instagram, or really just even more posts in general featuring Dodger (we can never have enough of the pup).


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