Does Fancy Feast make dog food?

Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar - Stephanie Lish (Golin) - Kimberley Spinney
Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar - Stephanie Lish (Golin) - Kimberley Spinney /

We all know that Fancy Feast is for those fancy cats that love a delicious meal. This is the cat food that we expect the cats from Disney’s Aristocats ate at every meal. It is the pampered kitty meal we turn to when we want to spoil our purring friends.

And while Fancy Feast may have a wide range of products for cats, including their recent announcement about the return of the Feastivities Advent Calendar, what about for dogs? We can’t help but wonder if this brand, which is under the Purina umbrella, offers a range of Fancy Feast for dogs.

Are our pampered pooches able to get fancy like their favorite fuzzy felines?

Is there a line of dog food from Fancy Feast?

Unfortunately for our dogs who like to keep it fancy, it turns out that Fancy Feast is strictly a kitty brand. And while that makes sense, we can’t help but wish there was a Fancy Feast for dogs. After all, our kitties certainly approve of their products.

Of course, we know a few pups who have gotten their snouts into the cat food a time or two, so even though this may be for cats, the dogs tend to find a way to enjoy their products too.

And knowing that this is strictly a cat food, we can’t help but appreciate the wide variety of offerings for our kitties – from the wet and dry food to the treats and toppers. There really is something for every feline out there, even the pickiest of eaters can find something to enjoy with this Purina brand of cat food.

So while our dogs may not be getting the fancy love, at least our kitties can enjoy being spoiled in style.

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But did you know that this was a strictly kitty brand? Do you wish there was a line of Fancy Feast for dogs? Does your pup ever steal the cat’s food? We would love to know.