Turner & Hooch finishes Scott Turner Sr.’s mission in Season 1 finale

Turner & Hooch "Hooch Machina" (Disney/Jeff Petry)
Turner & Hooch "Hooch Machina" (Disney/Jeff Petry) /

The first season of Turner & Hooch on Disney Plus has reached its finale and with it the final mission for Scott Turner Sr. has been resolved. Not only did Scott Jr. finally come to terms with being a dog person and his relationship with Hooch, but we also got to see him and his sister take down the dog fighting ring that their father was trying to stop at the time of his death.

For the Season finale, Turner & Hooch went all out. It was jam-packed with action that included a breakout and a car chase. And of course, there was a wedding and even a cake disaster courtesy of Hooch.

Basically, Turner & Hooch ended in the same way it began – with police work and a loveable mess.

Turner & Hooch ends the first season by putting a stop to a dog fighting ring

Perhaps the best aspect of this episode was the fact that we finally got to the root of why Scott has been so against connecting with Hooch and why he was almost anti-dog at the start of the series. For him, it felt like dogs were more associated with bad memories and feeling less like a part of his own family.

But while sitting there with a dog that had been betrayed and abused by people, it felt like he realized some things about himself and dogs that really opened his eyes to just how special Hooch has been in his life.

Honestly, the entire season was a lot of fun with heart and humor, as well as action and adventure. It was a perfect blend of all things we want in a dramedy that is truly family friendly.

We can only hope that this finale episode was only a season finale for Turner & Hooch and not a series finale. But what do you think? Do you think this series has more to give us?

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What were your thoughts on the Turner & Hooch Season 1 finale? Did you enjoy the conclusion to the dog fighting investigation? Were you surprised by anything in this episode? We want to know.