Turner & Hooch finally reveals what Scott Sr. was trying to do

Turner & Hooch Episode 8 - Arf Appreciation (Disney/Eric Milner)
Turner & Hooch Episode 8 - Arf Appreciation (Disney/Eric Milner) /

We finally know what the overarching mystery of the first season of Turner & Hooch is and it is a doozy. And while episode 10, “Lost and Hound,” was jam packed with doggy action, it didn’t stop at the case.

From Angel getting dognapped to Hooch helping to track his furry friend, it was a busy episode of Turner & Hooch. It was also an epic story. But that wasn’t all this episode did. It finally solved the mystery of what Scott Sr. was trying to do before his death.

It turns out that there is a dog fighting ring in town and Scott Sr. had not only rescued a pup from the fights, but he was trying to bring down the people who were allowing this horror to happen and profiting from the violence.

Perhaps for the first time in the entire first season of Turner & Hooch, Scott Jr. and his sister, Laura, were on the same page. They were going to finish what their dad started and they were going to stop the dog fights.

Turner & Hooch reveals what Scott Sr. was trying to do before his death

The brilliance of Turner & Hooch has been its ability to give us overarching story lines, as well as daily mysteries and adventures. But knowing exactly what the case that Scott Sr. was working on before his death is perhaps the best thing to happen to this show yet. It feels truly fitting for the original character and it absolutely makes sense.

Instead of the mystery being something ridiculous or even unrelated to animals, it went all in on the idea of what every dog lover hates – abusing animals and especially dogs. And that makes this series feel more engaging and brilliant.

The relationships and characters have brought this story to life, but this particular mystery feels like the thing that truly ties everything together.

And if ever there was a case to bring us all together, it would be one where our characters need to take down a dog fighting ring. At the end of the day, we are loving a series that feels like it is as much about the dogs as it is the people, and having this as the ultimate case that needs to be solved just works.

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What do you think of the idea of Scott trying to take down a dog fighting ring? Does this feel fitting to you? What did you think of episode 10 of Turner & Hooch? Did you have a favorite moment? Let us know below.