Hooch continues to shine and drool in episode 7 of Turner & Hooch

Turner & Hooch "To Serve and Pawtect" (Disney/Eric Milner)
Turner & Hooch "To Serve and Pawtect" (Disney/Eric Milner) /

Turner & Hooch is all about serving and pawtecting in episode 7, and once again it is up to Hooch to save the day and a life.

In “To Serve and Pawtect” we got to see Scott Turner Jr. take the lead as protection for a senator. And it is not a great experience for Scott, as it quickly becomes clear that having strings pulled to make that happen is not the best way to endear yourself with your coworkers.

But, while Scott has to learn a harsh lesson in teamwork as a Marshall, Hooch does what he does best – he drools, he chews things, and he saves the day.

Turner & Hooch has repeatedly shown us that when given a chance, Hooch can be a hero dog. He just needs better training and support from his handler. The biggest problem that Turner & Hooch has is the fact that Scott does not seem to be taking his handler role seriously enough. He should be training more and learning how to handle a K9 partner.

Turner & Hooch gives us a heroic Hooch in “To Serve and Pawtect”

Not only does Hooch go viral while he and Scott are protecting the senator, but he also ends up being the reason that they are actually able to save the senator’s life. It turns out that Hooch can tell when someone’s having health issues. And his howl (and also his slobber) help to save the day and a life.

While Hooch seems to have a problem with drooling everywhere and chewing on everything, including the boss’ awards, he definitely knows when he needs to step up. And we love when he is the reason that things end up going right.

Episode 7 of Turner & Hooch is another example of how this series is paying tribute to the original movie without weighing itself down. It’s fun and funny, while also giving us plenty of action and even mystery.

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What did you think of “To Serve and Pawtect?” Are you enjoying Season 1 of Turner & Hooch on Disney Plus? What was your favorite part of this episode?