Turner & Hooch found themselves in trouble after they were set up in “Arf Appreciation”

Turner & Hooch Episode 8 - Arf Appreciation (Disney/Eric Milner)
Turner & Hooch Episode 8 - Arf Appreciation (Disney/Eric Milner) /

Hooch is nothing more than a scapegoat in the latest episode of Turner & Hooch, “Arf Appreciation.” But he is not alone in being in trouble.

Ever since Hooch was made an official member of the Marshalls service as part of a canine unit experiment, it has felt like people have been waiting for Scott and Hooch to fail. And things certainly seemed grim when it looked like not only was Scott about to be demoted back to court duty, but Hooch was even getting fired from the Marshalls.

While episode 7, “To Serve and Pawtect,” left us with what was basically a cliff hanger, that storyline didn’t hold a candle to the fact that poor Hooch was being framed. And during the IA investigation, we got to hear exactly how Scott’s coworkers feel about Hooch (let’s just say some people don’t seem to be the biggest fans of the pooch).

The problem is that without proper training, it makes sense that Hooch would be the fall dog for a criminal. If even the Marshalls can’t back Hooch, of course IA is going to believe that he needs to be fired.

Turner & Hooch faces a massive hurdle in the form of a set up

However, thanks to Scott finally realizing just how important Hooch is and of course being reminded that there are ways to prove innocence, the real bad guy is apprehended. And yes, there was a dog involved, but it sure wasn’t Hooch.

“Arf Appreciation” was a fascinating episode for a lot of reasons. We got to see just how important Hooch is to Scoot and we got to see them truly work as a team. Scott was finally clued into the fact that he has been taking advantage of Erica. And yes, we got to see Turner & Hooch in action as a dynamic law enforcement duo.

Scott seems to have finally come to the realization that Hooch needs more consistent training. And maybe that will happen now.

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What did you think of Turner & Hooch episode 8? Do you think Scott will finally give Hooch the training he needs to not be a menace? Were you surprised by how many people seemed to think Hooch was a disaster? We want to know.