Ollie delivers perfect Fall flavors in human-grade food our dogs can’t resist

Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie
Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie /

Want to get your dog ready for Fall with their very own meals that are also human-grade? Then you need Ollie dog food in your pup’s life!

Whether your pup is a picky eater or has a more sensitive stomach, Ollie seems to understand our dog’s needs even more than we do at times. And as someone who has a picky staff pup with a sensitive tummy, we are always looking for a dog food that she can enjoy without causing problems.

Luckily, that is where Ollie comes into the picture. With their human-grade fresh ingredient dog foods, we get products that even we would eat (if we were a dog of course). And this Fall, we can’t help but be obsessed with their collection of meals that scream Thanksgiving dinner and Autumn noms.

Ollie is fresh dog food that even a picky eater can enjoy in the Fall

So what makes these Ollie dishes feel perfect for the Fall? At the top of the list we have the Beef Dish with Sweet Potatoes, the Turkey Dish with Blueberries, and the Lamb Dish with Cranberries. They scream Autumn nights to me.

But the Chicken Dish with Carrots, the Gently Baked Beef Recipe and the Gently Baked Chicken Recipe are also perfect for Fall as well. At the end of the day, all six of these dishes are Fall ready and seem to be a winner with our picky eater.

Of course, even though Ladybug can’t exactly share her foodie loving thoughts with us, we can tell which dishes she loves the best. And while all of them seem to be winning dishes, the Lamb Dish with Cranberries was definitely a favorite.

Whether it is the flavor profile or the fact that it delivered ingredients that filled her up with ease, Ollie continues to deliver delicious meals that our picky pup is loving.

It’s hard to deny that having a food that our pup enjoys is a must, but the fact that these dishes also deliver on the nutrition benefits our dogs need makes them even more of a must buy. The fact that you can order this for delivery just makes it the chef’s kiss.

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But what do you think? Have you heard of Ollie? Has your pup given Ollie a try? Do these dishes make you think of Fall dinner with your pup? We want to know.