Poppet took over the Oval Pawffice Instagram account from Major Biden

For the first time ever, Poppet the Rabbit is taking over the Oval Pawffice Instagram account from the First Pets, Major, Winston, and even Charlie.

Typically when we see posts from the Oval Pawffice on social media, these are posts coming from Winston Biden, the First Cat de facto, or from Major Biden, the First Dog. And while Charlie Biden has made guest appearances on the accounts, he has yet to actually do a takeover himself.

But, on September 24, a new post on the Oval Pawffice Instagram account was shared from none other than Poppet, the White House Rabbit that Champ and Major befriended earlier in the summer. And of course, it included a picture of Poppet on the move.

Poppet has taken over the Oval Pawffice Instagram account, at least temporarily

According to the Instagram post, Poppet had a small announcement to make.

Major, Winston and Charlie are taking today off as they are a bit tired and need to recharge. I was assigned as Chief of #NomNoms, so I’m now on my way to the kitchens to obtain some yummies for all of us.

Considering the image was clearly a Poppet in motion, it could be said that this was a picture of the rabbit on their way to get the treats. Of course, we know that isn’t the case, but it could have been.

It’s nice to see Poppet taking over briefly and also sharing their current status as part of the Oval Pawffice family – as in the Chief of Nom Noms. Whether or not that title sticks, we are here for this brief break from social media that the First Pets are taking.

And of course, we are excited to see what the trio has to say once they return to action after this break.

Check out Poppet’s post here:

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