5 Halloween headpieces from PetSmart to make your dog’s costume easy

PetSmart releases their 2021 Halloween costume collection for all our pets.
PetSmart releases their 2021 Halloween costume collection for all our pets. /

When it comes to stocking up on everything our pets need and more, PetSmart is our go-to store for everything. And that includes Halloween costumes.

But what if you have a pup who hates wearing a full costume? Maybe your dog is okay with something small, but has issues wearing a full on, costume that covers most of their body.

Lucky for us and your pup, they can still get into the spooky season spirit with the help of five amazing headpieces that will bring the costume without all the excess fabric and material.

Think of this as a chance for your pup to celebrate Halloween without being uncomfortable. And with the help of PetSmart, we get these amazing headpieces that not only work, but won’t break the bank either. (Headpieces are typically around $9.99 each!)

5 headpieces from PetSmart that are a perfect Halloween costume alternative

PetSmart releases their 2021 Halloween costume collection for all our pets. /
  • Lion Mane – Turn your pup into the King (or even Queen) of the Jungle with the help of this amazing mane! It’s a super easy costume, but it is also a lot of fun. And as an added bonus, it is available for both cats and dogs.
  • Witch’s Hat – You can’t have Halloween without a witch or two! And what better way to get your pup in the spooky spirit than with an epic Witch Hat?! We love the simplicity of this headpiece and the fact that it is a great way to transform our pup without really going over the top.
  • Venus Fly-Trap – Want an easy costume that almost takes things over the top, but is still easy to wear for our pups? Then why not transform them into a Venus Fly-Trap? This is an epic costume that is so well designed that you may even think you have a walking, snapping flower!
  • Jack Skellington – Do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Then why not dress up your pup like the ultimate Halloween character – Jack Skellington! With this headpiece that is exactly what you can do. (And yes, the fact that we can get our Nightmare Before Christmas on at PetSmart has us more excited than we thought possible.)
  • Dinosaur – For our fifth headpiece from PetSmart, we could not resist the epic dinosaur look. Your pup brings the ROAR with this look and will have all the little ghouls and goblins running from Jurassic Bark. (We take our puns where we can!)

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We love shopping at PetSmart for our dogs (and cats), but if you are getting ready for Halloween and need a costume for your fur child, this is definitely the place to be. And no matter how fussy your pup may be, these headpieces are the perfect alternative to a more traditional costume. So with these headpieces on hand, you can still bring the fun and the spooks.